My name is Daniil Gentili: I am a Linux developer, freelance translator and web designer.
Welcome to my website!

My projects

PWRTelegram bot API

With this API you will be able to everything you can do with the official bot API, plus:

  • Downloading of files up to 1.5 GB in size
  • Anonymous file storage (the URL of downloaded files does not contain your bot's token)
  • Uploading of files up to 1.5 GB in size
  • Uploading of files using an URL
  • Reuploading of files using a file ID and different file type or file name.
  • Uploading of any file/URL/file ID with automagical type recognition.
  • Uploading of any file/URL/file ID without sending the file to a specific user.
  • Automagical metadata recognition of sent files/URLs/file IDs.
  • Deleting of text messages sent from the bot
  • Uploading of files bigger than 5 megabytes with inline queries (supports both URLs and direct uploads)
  • Automatical type recognition for files sent using answerinlinequery
  • Both webhooks and getupdates are supported.
  • webhook requests can be recieved even on insecure http servers.
  • It is open source!
  • It can be installed on your own server!
  • You tell me!

To use it simply subsitute the url of the bot telegram api (https://api.telegram.org) with the url of the pwrtelegram api (https://api.pwrtelegram.xyz) in your telegram client.

You can use this command to do it:

sed -i 's/api\.telegram\.org/api\.pwrtelegram\.xyz/g' client.py

The source code is available @ https://github.com/pwrtelegram/pwrtelegram.

Visit pwrtelegram.xyz for the full documentation!

Telegram bots

I also created lots of telegram bots:

Who am I

I am a guy who really likes computers and books.
In my free time I like learning programming languages (I currently can program fluently in bash, PHP, Jquery, C# and I have used C++ and Java) and working on my projects.

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